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Exams are over… Summer Break is here! So, why not pick up this book that has all the punch to swish off the heat! Wondering which book I am talking about! It is Wine Runs Deep by Patrick Ember! You can find my review for the book Here!

Now, let’s hear what the author has to say about the book!

  1. In this book, we learn a lot about the winery? How did you become so well acquainted with the wine culture?

[Patrick] I developed a love affair with wine when I first began to realize how a quality wine can elevate an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. I began to educate myself and became fascinated by the way something as simple as the wine in your glass can have such a complex backstory. The blood, sweat, tears, and knowledge that goes into filling that glass is fascinating. Since then I have enrolled in the International Sommelier’s Guild program and continued my education.

  1. From where did you draw inspiration for the characters of Al and Cale and the relationship between them?

[Patrick] My favorite author, Elmore Leonard was known for his offbeat villains. I wanted to develop characters that were comical and easy to underestimate but had the capacity for great evil. I recalled some of the trouble youth I went to school with. Those who became more troubled and dangerous as they grew up. They provided inspiration for Al and Cale.

  1. Will there be a sequel with Al and Cale coming back for revenge?

[Patrick] I dropped several crumbs throughout Wine Runs Deep which set up a sequel. It would involve Beckett returning to his roots to resolve issues from his parent’s tragic death, coincident with Al and Cale returning to wreak havoc.

  1. Did you find any challenges while writing your book?

[Patrick] As Wine Runs Deep was my first novel, there were definitely challenges along the way. After a slow start, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I developed a process that worked for me. I soon learned that plot and character development is key and that any technical issues with grammar, spelling, and punctuation can be ironed out in the editing process.

  1. Who was your greatest motivation while writing the book?

[Patrick] I’m lucky to have a wife, Leanne, who supported me unconditionally through the process and I’m thankful for that, but my motivations were personal. Having worked for years as an accountant, I had a strong urge to exercise the creative side of my brain and see if I could entertain people with my storytelling. Part of the motivation also came from putting myself out there, telling family and friends what my plans were. Once you do that, it is harder to quit because you feel like you would be letting everyone down, not just yourself.

  1. Can we expect another new book from you in the near future?

[Patrick] I have a second novel ready to be edited. It should reach market either late in 2018 or early 2019. It is another crime-fiction thriller. This one isn’t set in wine country but wine references are threaded throughout.

The title is Come Heavy – Nick Sanders, an emotionally damaged NYPD detective resorts to sketchy tactics to battle a powerful force—unbridled youth—when Italian and Korean mob descendants stage an uprising to return the mob to its glory days. When forces collide and everyone you love is threatened, you better be prepared to COME HEAVY (weapons ready).

  1. I know the readers will be waiting for such an action – packed thriller! At last, I would like to ask if you want to share any message with the readers of this interview?

[Patrick] Wine Runs Deep is available online at all major book distributors. If you are looking for a summer page-turner, this just might be your book. I truly believe that it has something for everyone; romance, suspense, mystery, intrigue, humor, insight into the human condition, and a first-class education in wine culture. Please consider it and remember, it pairs well with wine. Cheers.

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That’s it, Folks! I really hope you give this book some love by picking it up this summer!

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